Ferdinanda Florence

Sunset no. 3

The 2021-2022 "Sunset" series is based on views through the glass fronts of empty stores on Sunset Ave. and other sites.

Art from a Humanist Perspective

In both my art and my teaching, I am interested in the concept of liminal, threshold spaces, and how slippery spatial boundaries can speak metaphorically.

Almost all of my subjects are industrial or commercial areas, rather than private residences. They are "home" to no one, but I am drawn to them, and find in them something strangely familiar. The lines between inside and outside are sometimes blurred. The architecture itself is difficult to place, both in time and spatially. These sites may suggest the nation's unresolved social and economic issues; they also represent for me a psychological space, a place for personal reconnaissance.


Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco

Elisa Contemporary Art, New York