Ferdinanda Florence

Sunset no. 1

Two works from the "Sunset" series have been chosen for inclusion in the upcoming book, "Liminal. New spaces of anxiety," by French musical artist Alt236 (Gallimard - Hoëbeke publishers).

I'm also happy to announce the online publication of a French documentary short for which I was interviewed (and also featuring my artwork!). It's an episode of the "Gymnastique" art and culture series called "Liminal Spaces: ces lieux qui font flipper internet" ("these places that are freaking out the internet") by the video channel ARTE:

Art from a Humanist Perspective

In both my art and my teaching, I am interested in the concept of liminal, threshold spaces, and how slippery spatial boundaries can speak metaphorically.

Almost all of my subjects are located in public, industrial, or commercial areas, rather than private residences. They are "home" to no one, and offer me an opportunity to reflect on issues of home, loss, and drift. The spaces are spatially fluid and difficult to place, reflecting the fluid realms of grief, isolation, hope, and reckoning in which we find ourselves.


Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco

Elisa Contemporary Art, New York